Locks and boxes

LeCodeInvite® :

Keep your keys, Share your codes.

Who has never been bothered to pass on the keys to your home to family, guests, a cleaning lady or temporary tenants such as Airbnb to enter in your absence? Hidden under the green plant, the doormat, in the mailbox or in the famous key box… all these solutions are extremely risky because they both facilitate burglary and do not allow you to be reimbursed by your insurance in case of theft. With a LeCodeInvite® lock, you just have to block the lock with a LeCodeInvite® box and share the code, not the keys.


The key boxes, often fixed to urban furniture (not discreet and illegal) are not recognized by insurance companies in case of theft (because no break-in on the door). By blocking the lock with the LeCodeInvite® code handle, discretion is assured and so is the break-in.


LeCodeInvite® locks and boxes are perfect for families. Kids can come home from school alone without you having to worry about keys. Losing keys means having to change the lock, and giving a key to a child means taking that risk.


Share a code with your guests instead of keys, whether you are home or away when they arrive. This will avoid any logistical problems from arrival to departure and throughout the stay. No one would like the keys to be lost or copied…


Do you have to give a spare key to your housekeeper or gardener? The question no longer arises with the LeCodeInvite® lock. Simply share a code and remain the sole owner of your keys.


With the LeCodeInvite® lock, don’t waste time waiting for a delivery person or rescheduling a delivery so you don’t leave your packages at the door. Go about your business and simply share the code with the delivery person. With the development of online shopping for fresh products, the LeCodeInvite® solution even allows you to let the delivery man fill your fridge in your absence.


No more keys hidden under the mat, the green plant or the sock. With a LeCodeInvite® lock, simply lock the lock with a removable LeCodeInvite® handle and go running with peace of mind.

CYLINDER LeCodeInvite®

High security cylinder, anti-drilling, anti-picking, with keys protected by a manufacturer’s card, EURO standard. The only cylinder to benefit from the patented Guest’nCode® standard compatible with LeCodeInvite® boxes. Available now on our store. More cylinders type available on demand.


4-digit combination changeable by the owner. Impossible to remove the box without the right code, and the handle turns in a vacuum. With the right code, the handle unlocks the door. Pre-order now your 100% mechanical padlock type code box (3 months delivery).


LeCodeInvité® electronic boxes can be used to manage several accesses at the same time and to associate them with dates / times of validity. Whether by biometric recognition (finger, hand, voice, face, etc.), by a badge (RFID, NFC) or by a smartphone (BLE, WIFI, NFC, UWB) the interaction with the box is fluid and secure and offers great freedom in the management of access.

Whether you need a new lock or are thinking of changing your existing lock, don’t hesitate:

Order your LeCodeInvite® lock for the same price as a traditional lock!


  • choose the type of key lock for your door and order it on our site in the “Shop” tab.
  • Optionally, choose the LeCodeInvite® box that suits you by pre-ordering it on our website.
  • Install your LeCodeInvite® lock as soon as you receive it.
  • block your lock with your box every time you need to share access to your home.

The LeCodeInvite® lock is 100% mechanical and installs like any other high security lock.

The LeCodeInvite® boxes, whether they are 100% mechanical or electronic, are very simple to configure and can be installed and removed from the lock in a flash.

LeCodeInvite® boxes are already available for pre-order at a preferential rate